Take physic, pomp

Copper Mountain (CUM.to): IKN’s traditional annual dirty CUM shot visual

And here it is, the chart of the stick messy CUM quarterly results, up to date with today’s numbers which are out on SEDAR this evening, but bizarrely there’s no NR yet…something you’re not too proud about in the numbers, Mister Jim O´Rourke?
How people still give this company a positive equity value is a question only Canadians can answer. This time CUM shot to a $45.82m dollar quarterly loss and couldn’t even make a gross profit…down by $3.454m is some grossly bad CUM. To add to the stickiness, CUM has a working cap deficit of $15m as at year end, but incredibly if I glance across at the scoreboard you people give it a $60m market cap. 
According to the dictionaries of this world, a prophylactic is “a course or measure used to prevent disease”. Here’s a company badly in need of one of those, cauterize this source of bad seed before it’s too late, people.

UPDATE: So I’ve just noticed that CUM announced on Feb 22nd…so why have the filings appeared on SEDAR today? And how did I miss them a week and a bit ago? Mysteries….

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