Take physic, pomp

Copper’s now or never

So says Gary over at Biiwii and as he’s the best chartist I know of he’ll get no argument from these parts. Here’s a monthly chart of the metal with just three lines to help the mind’s eye (though in this case they’re only underscoring the obvious):
PS: Elvis Presley’s 1960 hit “It’s Now Or Never” was of course era-code for “c’mon let’s do the fuckyfucky one time, baby”. The song was adapted from the 19th century Italian tune “O Sole Mio” which was all about a dude hanging out under the window of his muse and comparing her to a sunny day. Which was a direct rip-off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Which was a play written in Elizabethan code that said “c’mon let’s do the fuckyfucky one time, baby”. 

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