idle and fond bondage


Don’t say you weren’t warned.

But if you’re not on yet, relax. There’s plenty of meat left on this bone.


    Getting in tomorrow. Pray it won’t have the same effect as when I bought PM producers/streamers at the Q3 2020 highs.


    Here we go again with the cheesy use of very specific timelines. back those out to any kind of reasonable timeline like maybe back to the date where you told your buddy kai that silver was a daft investment. how about that? next thing you’ll probably do is talk about nickel. you’re terrible at this.


      You need to talk with my bank. They disagree with you. If not, talk with subscribers of a letter that’s been running for 12 years and making them money. If not, remain in your world of ignorance. Either way, you are the only person who cares, the losers who hate the winners will always exist, you’re just another one of them and easy to ignore.


    Omg!! Do the call on Norsemont next where you said buy at 1.85 and now it’s at .81 cents!!


    How long ago did you provide a free copy of your newsletter? Not that long ago. Well, I read it and then bought TMQ at around $1.90 – so I will testify on your behalf. When I sell (or sooner), I plan to buy a year subscription which would represent under 2% of my current unrealized profit. Tip of the hat. Thanks.


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