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Cormark’s good report on small cap mining exploration plays

Yesterday, Cormark Securities published its regular coverage report on small cap explorers and you, dear and kind IKN lector, can read it too. Here’s the link, here’s the opening blurb of this 60 page report that covers plenty names in the sector. Good source material available at a click to you.

“Our fourth edition of our Mining and Exploration Prospects report continues to present some of what we view are the more interesting emerging stories in the base and precious metals market today. As noted before, the list is by no means complete and we have restricted it to 30 names to be manageable. As such, there are many other high quality prospects out there.”

So download yours today (but be patient as it’s 6.9Mb). Here are the names of companies with write-ups in this edition. Plenty to choose from.
AQM Copper (AQM.v)
Cadan Resources (CXD.v)
Candente Copper (DNT.to)
Clifton Star Resources (CFO.v)
Coro Mining (COP.to)
Dalradian Resources (DNA.to)
Franconia Minerals (FRA.to)
East Asia Minerals (EAS.v)
INV Metals (INV.to)
PC Gold (PKL.to)
Nevada Copper (NCU.to)
Riverstone Resources (RVS.v)
NGEx Resources (NGQ.to)
Sandspring Resources (SSP.v)
Western Copper (WRN.to) 
Levon Resources (LVN.v)
Zincore Metals (ZNC.to)
Sabina Gold & Silver (SBB.to)
South American Silver (SAC.to)
US Gold (UXG) (UXG.to)
Ampella Mining (AMX.ax)
Auryx Gold (AYX.to)
Bellhaven Copper and Gold (BHV.v)
Magma Metals (MMW.to) (MMW.ax)
Belo Sun Mining (BSX.v)
Marathon PGM (MAR.to)

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