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Cornerstone Capital (CGP.v): Newcrest has more moral fibre than Warren Irwin

This morning:

Newcrest International Pty Limited (“Newcrest”), a subsidiary of Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX: NCM) has notified Cornerstone and its subsidiary Cañabrava Mining S.A. that Newcrest intends to withdraw from the option and farm-in Agreement Cornerstone’s Caña Brava and Tioloma properties in Ecuador

Though hilariously, even when delivering the news ands after all we’ve seen recently, CGP refuses to man up. Instead it tries to fob off blame onto the government of Ecuador for this news with this:

“…their withdrawal is as a result of the delays related to permitting.”

Pathetic, two-faced, backsliding liars will always hide behind semantics. But don’t expect Warren Irwin to follow NCM’s lead and do the right thing. Money is more important to him than morals.

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