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Correction re Bellhaven Copper & Gold (BHV.v)

In yesterday’s post, I stated in so many words that Thom Calandra has an investment relations deal with Bellhaven Copper & Gold (BHV.v). After exchanging mails this morning I’d like to state for the record that I am wrong and my words re BHV and Calandra yesterday are incorrect. It used to be the case that Calandra’s Torrey Hills Capital company did IR work for BHV, but around the time of the change in management at Bellhaven the contract ended.
I’m very happy to correct myself on this score, because although it’s been beaten down heavily I think that BHV is far from a lost cause, unlike many of the heavily hit explorecos out there. The fact that it’s got rid of its connection with the two-faced lying cheating scumbag Calandra is a credit on the people who’ve taken over the day-to-day running of the company. However, I’m led to believe that Calandra still owns over 2m shares in the stock, which may be why he’s keen on pumping it to his naive sheeplike readership. If he sells out, considering it a buying op in BHV like no other.
However, it’s still a tough market for explorecos.

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