Take physic, pomp

Corrupted geologists pumping Vizsla (or is it Viszla?) Resources (VZLA.v)

We can’t ask the other main conduit for this scam pump, Gwen Preston, because she isn’t qualified to speak, but when is Eric Coffin going to dust off his academic qualifications and admit the obvious weaknesses? How many more skinny vein returns do you need, Eric?

Or do the people paying him tens of thousands of dollars to promote Vizsla (or is it Viszla?) to the ignorant hoards still maintain his entire attention on the stock? Time will tell.

Rant PS: And nobody cares, even when the impunity is in front of their faces. Take for example Gwen Preston, paid by Prime Mining to pump the stock all while Bridgemark was going on, her insistent buy calls into the tide of paper a key part of the rip-off. Being caught with your hand deeper into the till is difficult to imagine but here we are a couple of years on, nothing has happened, Gwen Preston is still paid thousands to pump tripe to idiots. A plague o’ both your houses, Vancouver.


    Skinny veins. I remember back a few years when Brent Cook said that K92 Mining in Papua New Guinea was just skinny veins and wouldn’t be economical (along with a bad jurisdiction) and the stock has just gone up and up since.


    Vizsla (or is it Viszla?) hmmm I think I prefer the Zed (or is it Zee) one. It’s more how should I say… exotic. Yes! That’s it. Go with that one — the Zed (or is it Zee) one.


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