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Corrupt police in Peru? At the highest possible levels? Shome mishtake shurely ossifer!

The amounts of money involved aren’t on the MF Global of Madoff level of course, nor is this a particularly uncommon occurrence in a country as riddled with corruption and petty thieving as Peru. But it does give you some idea of the mentality of corruption that runs through a third rate, tinpot, banana republic’s public sector where everyone is looking to make their “second salary” (as it’s known) with a sideline scam.
I mean, we’re talking about the guys who ferry around and provide front line security for the President of the country and his family members. La Republica report here, translation of the first part of the report by your author below. 

Humala Security Chief Fired for Robbery of Auto Fuel

Officials in charge of the security of the President, his wife and children and his parents falsified service records to siphon off fuel from the Presidential vehicles and re-sell it. Those implicated include the administration office head Police Colonel  Belermino Vásquez Guevara, Police Commander Simión Pérez Mego and the head of security Police Commander Antonio Medrano Lau

Report by Doris Aguirre

Not even the Presidential Palace is clean.
The Minister of the Interior, Óscar Vadlés Dancuart, fired the head of Presidential security, Police Colonel Belermino Vásquez Guevara, due to his involvement in the systematic theft of fuel assigned to vehicles that protect President Ollanta Humala, his wife Nadine Heredia and the Presidential family.

Interior Minister Valdés took this drastic step least week based on a report presented by the head of the ministry’s intelligence service (Digimin), Colonel Eduardo Arbulú Gonzales.

Agents under Gonzales discovered the officials of the presidential security brigade were adulterating mileometers, the devices that register the amount of kilometers travelled by a vehicle, in order to justify the fuel expenses in falsified services that never happened.  Records were invented not only for the Presidential couple but also for the children and parents of Humala. According to the Digimin report, others implicated include Police Commander Simión Pérez Mego and the head of security Police Commander Antonio Medrano Lau

Source at the National Police inspectorate say the Digimin reported filming the offices at the precise moment that modified the kilometer readings in the vehicles. Continues here

IKN back and it does show, at least, that the Humala crew is trying to clean up corruption a bit…but sheesh, if the people guarding the Prez are up to it, imagine how many other scams are happening up and down Peru right here right now. 

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