Take physic, pomp

CPM versus silver hucksters

Jump the first six minutes, then listen carefully as Jeff Christian warns you about the very same people we talk about on a daily basis, the scammers and shysters who use silver to separate you from your money.

A quote, as Christian gets into his opponent’s views:

“If you wanna go lie, go lie somewhere else, don’t sh_t on the silver market. The silver market has enough problems, trying to convince investors it’s a legitimate investment. It doesn’t need its reputation further tarnished by consistent misrepresentation by people who are either trying to fool folks, or simply don’t know what they are talking about. It’s really offensive, and it’s counterproductive for investors in silver to do a good job.”

He’s quite right. Willem Middelkoop, stand up and be counted with your huckster pals.


    you are one sick pup. I hope you get mental help and learn to treat others, especially your customers, with respect.


    They should start marketing silver as an idiot magnet, used for weeding all the dumbasses out of a population.


    Never trust any PM luminary who says “with my buddies and I.”


    200 people saying one guy is a liar, one guy saying 200 people are liars. I don’t know who is telling the truth, but the indisputable facts are that TRUE physical silver price discovery is not available now, and has not been for decades.


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