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Crash from Dow 22k > Crash from Dow 18k

An excerpt from the intro to the latest edition of The IKN Weekly, IKN566 out on Sunday. The bit in italics also first appeared in IKN565, two weeks ago.

Which brings us to the second
point, that I continue to hold all my mining portfolio in deep freeze, no
buying or selling. These pages forecast last week’s rally in “I will not
participate in the bailout rally tomorrow”, but left the main reason as to why
I am in no hurry at all to the last bullet point. This from IKN565 last weekend:

the back of the biggest and most beautiful bailout package ever (Trumpian, no?)
I expect the market to rally tomorrow. I will not trade it.

tougher to call, I envisage that tomorrow’s rally sticks and the markets have a
good relief rally week.

the above are good things if they come to pass and would be very welcome at
this desk, because I would much prefer the next Dow crash to come from 22k than
from 18k. Although I am hoping for good month to come in The USA, my
provisioning is the opposite and at present, my scenario expects the market to
crash again once the grim reality of the situation and the death toll in The
USA is revealed.

back, points one and two came to pass and I see no reason why I should change
my mind about point three. Notably, the thought of 25 New Yorks across the
country seems to be focusing the collective market mind as well, Friday’s
action weak and Dow Futures this Sunday evening pointing lower (Dow Futs -1.92%
at time of press). We as investors should be less concerned as to whether the
images of thousands of dead Americans will affect the US government
and administration. We should be worried about the centre of it all, the
dollar. However, for the same reasons as before I prefer to hold through all my
positions as a stakeholder.

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