untune that string and hark

Crime pays in Vancouver, and Steve Common Thief Zuker knows it

  • You steal another company’s assets
  • You get your pals at Sandstorm to bankroll the idea
  • You get Jamie Keech to pump the IPO
  • You get salaried all the way through
  • And…
  • …they even pay you to leave the company when it’s all over.

The story of Pucara Gold (TORO.v) and a worthy reminder of what you’re up against when David Awram is running the show. Heads they win, tails we lose.


    Really demoralizing. Seeing it way too often.


      As a work around to the poor returns and corruption in the junior sector some mining newsies themselves helped create and abet , they are now espousing buying farm land. Sure! Why not a bridge as well.


        I can do you a bridge guv, you know my address. But it is rather ironic, no? Fulp charges juniors $20k a pop for his coverage, then goes and spends the money on farmland and advises you to do the same. He’s become a full service advisory, and now you have been fully serviced.


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