Take physic, pomp

Dan Earle forgets this

His neighbours do not:

“Finally, we declare that you can put on any kind of show you want during your conference. But in our territories, we rule.”


    Are you referring to the local Indigenous community that wants the mine or are you referring to the organization that says they speak for all locals? Because according to research, the community wants the project.


      Aint none so blind that will not see. One thing learned over the years is not to bother with people who’ve made their minds up. However, there are real truth-seekers out there who simply do not know the situation regarding Warintza and the Shuar-Arutam, who may have swallowed the convenient corporate line without much suspicion. Those are the people who can save themselves from back pocket pain when the real situation is revealed, leaving the wilfully ignorant to “blame the locals” for their speculative losses.


    Miningwatch is hardly a neutral observer of such matters and is as expert or more so than junior miners, in the art of distortion of facts as it follows its objective of supporting anti-mining activists.


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