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Daniel Ameduri’s stupidity

Daniel Ameduri is in way over his head. He decided to take the bribes from Frank Giustra and his cohorts such as Brian Paes-Braga, but for some unknown reason he thinks he’s some sort of respected stock picker too. Now that the easy money has gone and Ameduri pumps a stock and the Giustra crew do what they’re always going to do, i.e. dump massive amounts of virtually free paper into the new volume, the price either stalls or falls and our poor little chemically challenged friend Ameduri throws a tantrum.
More details. Recently (and along with that other full-scale Giustra sycophant and scumbag Tommy Humphreys at CEO.ca) Ameduri pumped Japan Gold (JG.v) to his flock of sheep in exchange for yet another one of those six figure bribery cheques. The stock rocketed that day (Sep 19th) from 60c to 85c as the idiots who believe this tripe piled on to the tune of over 3m shares, but the days that followed saw immediate large scale selling as Paes-Braga unloaded all his pennystocks. Here we are a month later and JG.v is at 42c.
Next example Winston Gold (WGC on the CSE exchange) which is basically the same story of Giustra’s chequebook and an Ameduri pump but this time only a few days ago and instead of any upside move at all, WGC immediately got whacked as the Paes-Braga/Giustra shares fell out. According to IKN’s very well placed source “Ameduri went ballistic” and after talking to Giustra, in a fit of childish pique told Giustra it was all over between them and called sell on his previous bullshit pump jobs for the man, First Mining Finance (FF.v) and Lithium One (LIX.v) (which are of course constant favourites over at the paid lackey Tommy Humphrey’s site as well…oh what a coincidence) at his main vehicle of bullshit dissemination Future Money Trends, as well as calling sell on his other paid pump Japan Gold (JG.v) via his other site CrushTheStreet.
In other words, Ameduri gets paid millions of dollars to pump these worthless companies by people holding massive amounts of shares in them at virtual zero cost, but when the scumbags who pay him sell their shares Daniel Ameduri gets all angry and throws his toys out of the pram. This dude has a serious, serious mental issue to sort out, he somehow thinks that getting paid cash by the scum of the Vancouver earth and doing their dirty deeds doesn’t automatically make him one of the scumbags as well. How old is this guy, 15?

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