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Daniel “Davidoff Cigar” Ameduri has one month left to save Future Money Trends

We remind readers what Daniel “Davidoff Cigar” Ameduri told readers of his promo shop, , “Future Money Trends”, in May 2017, about his reco on the zinc junior exploreco Zinc One (Z.v). We quote his exact, published words:
 Dear Reader,

are so certain that this extremely undervalued company is a strong buy
here, we are staking our entire careers on this single stock pick.

I, Daniel Ameduri, fully
expect this company to lead the rally for zinc stocks, to the point
that if my recommendation to you here today at CAD$0.65 doesn’t at least
double over the next year, I will officially close down my letter.
fact, I see this stock as a coiled spring, and I believe that I may be
proven right over the next 30 days, with 11 months to spare!
Here we are in April 2018 with just one month to go before time’s up on that C$1.30 target for this Keith Neumeyer pumpjob for which Ameduri was paid $250,000 to run (and has a total advertising budget of around $700k, we hear). Let’s see how Zinc One (Z.v) has got on since those words of CigarMan:
Hmmm…looking a bit bleak for your company’s future money trends, Dannyboy. The pipes the pipes are calling.

But hey Danny, you could always lie and cheat and BS and pretend you never published or said that…but I’m sure an upstanding guy like you wouldn’t even have thought of that. Right?

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