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Daniela Scambone: How long has this been going on?

The decision made by Daniela Scambone to show her true colours, take the the thirty pieces of silver and go work for a stock pumper and convicted securities fraudster, Porter Scamsberry, also begs another question:

Just how long has Daniela Scambone been pumping worthless juniors to her audiences?

Now we know her mindset and watch her cash in, you can’t help but wonder how long she’s been this way. Is this just making official something she was doing at Kitco for much less money? How many softball, loaded interviews with friendly analysts have been “sponsored” by a company that was “fortunate” enough to get a reco from some high traffic sector guru? And who are her friends in the newsletter world, how do they get to pump their fave stocks so many times on free screen time? All questions worthy of answers now that Scambone has tipped her hand.

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    In such situations I always take comfort from the advice of Rick Drool:

    “If you like this stock at $5, you’ll **love** it at 20c”


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