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David Garofalo and Rob Henderson arrive late at Great Panther (GPR.to) (GPL)

And no, this one isn’t slipping by without comment because once again, we are provided ample evidence the Chinese know nothing about mining and are merely supine Vancouver fodder. The news that Marc Prefontein’s Chinese bankroll has decided to put Rob Henderson in charge of Great Panther and put David Garofalo as Chair is way beyond a joke, but this time these mining executives from hell have arrived too late to do their normal trick of fucking a company to death and decimating shareholder value. That’s because Bob Archer and his crowd of jokers have already done that, with the latest moves in a litany of moronity being ripped off by Nikki Adshead-Bell for Beadell and also being the last mining company left in Latin America that think Coricancha is a workable asset.
As for necessary background on the people this Chinese dumbest of dumb money is backing, nobody on these pages will need much reminding of the mess Garofalo made of Goldcorpse. As for Rob Henderson’s latest gig, he is of course the CEO fired from Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) because he doesn’t think it necessary to do definition drilling on operating assets, the twat. This is Canadian cronyism at its worst, two proven failures thrown cushy executive jobs by idiots with more money than common sense. Two wrongs do not make a right and replacing useless idiots with useless idiots is a corporate strategy only ever used by useless idiots. Burn it all with fire.

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