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David Garofalo feels the love

When even the shareholders of the worst mining company in South America can’t stand you, the fail is undeniable:

This news must have come as a shock to Garofalo, though. One thing that never changes about mining executives is their self-belief of being good managers and business executives. When reality intrudes and they see things the way normal people see them, they get all confused. Thing is, David, that vote result is reasonably accurate and you truly are one of the dumbest people ever to have got rich in mining. You remember “20/20/20” as well, David? Those speeches at PDAC you gave from the top of your head, the audience squirming in embarrassment? That’s why you are washed up now, a flimsy figurehead for Adnani’s rip-offs, a failed joke of a man who was promoted way beyond his station.

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