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Dead miners in Peru (and Chile)

For the first time this milennium, Peru in 2013 managed to keep its official count of people killed while mining to under one per week, which is something I suppose.
We can’t go so far as to say good, maybe ‘less bad’ is the phrase of the day. Data from the official Ministry of Energy and Mining source. We should also point out that these are the registered deaths at known mining operations and that the true total would be much higher if the informal, illegal and artisanal-type mining operations got included, too.
Meanwhile congratulations to Buenaventura (BVN), a company that’s already kicked off 2014 by killing two of its operatives in separate accidents (which adds to the four killed at BVN mines in 2013). IKN therefore sends its sincere condolences to the families of Arturo Alberto Huamaní Cordova and Pablo Isidro Mamani Figueroa, whereas Roque Benavides can go fuck himself.

UPDATE: Here’s how Peru and Chile mining mortality rates for the last four years compare. Gives a bit more context.

Chilean data also from the official relevant website, here.

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