saucy doubts and fears

Dear Chuck

Thanks for coming over and checking the blog so regularly Chuck, it’s kind of you (your hits show up on the back office stats here, don’t try and pretend otherwise Chuck).

And I know you’re feeling nervous about next week because you and your pals still think you have a chance of pulling it off. Well, enjoy the meeting next week Chuck, sit back, relax and let it all flow over you, but I guarantee that you’re getting no extra snippets of fun or insight from this humble corner of cyberspace between now and then. Go scurry off and find a better place to feed your neuroses, Chuck.

And talking of scurry, here’s a song especially for you. And we can extend the dedication to anyone who eats at The Pilot in Toronto this weekend. Sing along, Chuck. Lah lah lah, Chuck.

Love and kisses, Otto.

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