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Dear Frank O’Kelly (part deux)

Dear Frank,
Before you publish your news releases tomorrow and/or next week in a vain attempt to distort the truth, please be clear about a couple of things. 
Firstly, over the course of this week you told not one but two people that you hadn’t properly read the MIC. At least one of them recorded you saying that. In fact I recorded our whole conversation at breakfast on Wednesday, so be very careful about what you publish. 
Secondly, I would need to check up on the precise law (I’m not a lawyer after all), but the way you have been trying to influence the Rio Tinto vote by pressurizing Justin Quigley this week is, I believe, borderline illegal. And now that Quigley has refused to talk to you again, the way you and your board have been doing the same thing with Quigley’s boss, Dave Andrews (Exploration Director of The Americas dave.andrews2@riotinto.com) is even more dubious. 
The third point is more of a reflection. Do you realize how mediocre and directionless you look if the only thing you can offer to the market is a series of rebuttals to a freakin’ pissant blogger? Getting led round by the nose by an idiot like me is the holy mother of corporate amateur hours.
Last up, be clear that I stand by every word I’ve written about both you and your awful, two-faced, scheming, conniving board of directors that has no interest whatsoever in doing its job correctly and acting in the interests of shareholders. The people who replace you will.

Published 9:15pm Thursday November 24th.

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