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Dear shareholder: Are your investment dollars paying for torture and thuggery in Peru?

Yesterday, security firm Forza (part of the Swiss Securitas Group) was highlighted in this report from Reuters as at least part of the band of thugs that tortured Peruvian locals at the Monterrico Metals (MNA.L) mining camp in North Peru. As regular readers will recall, the accusations against Monterrico are very serious and include murder on the list.

However, did you also know that Forza is used by a whole bunch of foreign companies in the length and breadth of Peru? The list is long and includes names such as

Newmont Mining
Standard Bank
Duke Energy
Eli Lilly

and surprise surprise Richard Ralph….The British Embassy in Peru!!

And plenty plenty others. In fact all the following all use Forza as security personnel, so if you think that the kind of brutality shown by this bunch of bastards is not right for your investment dollar, why not send a mail to your fave IR department and demand that they rescind their contract with Forza immediately?
Hit scum in the back pocket; it’s where they feel it the most



Minera Yanacocha S.A.
Web: www.yanacocha.com.pe
Newmont Peru Limited
Web: www.newmont.com
Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía
Web: www.snmpe.org.pe
Mineria Peru Copper Sindicate S.A.
Sociedad Minera Cambior S.A.


Duke Energy International Egenor S.A.
Web: www.duke-energy.com


The Maple Gas Corporation
Web: www.maplecos.com
Refinería La Pampilla
Grupo Repsol del Perú S.A.
Web: www.repsol-ypf.com
Petróleos del Perú – PETROPERU S.A. Operaciones Oleoducto Piura


Nextel del Perú
Web: www.nextel.com.pe
Tim Perú S.A
Web: www.tim.com.pe
Millicom Perú S.A.
Web: www.milicom.com
Telmex Peru S.A
Americatel Perú S.A.


35-17 Cargo S.A.C.
Lima Airport Partner
Web: www.lap.com.pe


Industrial Papelera Atlas
Asa Textil Sourcing S.A.
Textil San Cristobal S.A.


Albis S.A.
Cipa S.A.
Coca Cola Servicio del Perú S.A.
Web: www.coca-cola.com
Corporación Inca Kola S.A.
Web: www.aga.se


HV S.A. Contratistas
Web: www.hvsac.com


Standard Bank London Limited
Web: www.standardbank.com
Banco Interamericano De Desarrollo
Banco Interamericano De Finanzas



Embajada Británica
Web: www.britemb.org.pe


Compañía Inversiones Monte Urbano S.A.
Hotelera Piura S.A.


Universidad Privada del Norte
Universidad de Lima
Universidad San Martín de Porres
Edificoi Espaderos S.A.
Cargill Américas S.A
Knight Piesold consultores S.A
Walsh Perú S.A.
Web: www.walshp.com.pe
Corporación Miyasato S.A.
Geotec S.A.
Asociación Educativa Davy
Consorcio Transmantaro
Iron Mountain
Atlas Copco Peruana S.A.
Antena 3 Perú
British American Tobbaco del Perú S.A.
Peruana De Moldeados S.A.
Montana S.A.
Administradora Panamericana S.A.
Italmecan S.A.C.
Hewlett Packard Perú S.R.L.
Punto Visual S.A.
Productos De Acero Cassado S.A. (PRODAC)
Protisa Peru S.A.
Forsac Peru S.A.
Tecsur S.A.A.
Laboratorios Roe S.C.R.L.
El Rocio S.A.
Tal S.A.
Edpyme Raiz S.A.
Red Electrica Del Sur S.A.
Exploraciones Milenio S.A.
Eldemira Doris Osorio De Dyer
Armstrong S.R.L.
Indura S.A
Pack Solutions S.R.L
MPG Comunicaciones E.I.R.L.
Neuf S.A.
Impsat Peru S.A.
Asociación Deportiva Los Inkas Golf Club
Corporacion Texpop S.A.
B & W Master Service S.R.L.
Centro Orientación Familiar
Cli Almacenes S.A.
Aeroinversiones Del Peru S.A.C.
Nutra S.A.
DHL International S.A.C.
Mercantil Pizarro S.A. (MERPIZA)
Sistema De Impresiones S.A.
Inversiones La Carreta
Coats Cadena S.A.
MSA del Perú S.A.
Cordillera De Las Minas S.A.
Overseas Bechtel Incorp Suc. del Perú
Boyles Bros Diamantina S.A.
Sociedad Inmobiliaria Higuereta S.A.
Paneles Napsa S.A.
Supermercados Peruanos S.A.
Gillat To Home Perú S.A.
Formularios Peruanos S.A.C.
Galitour S.A.
Stracon S.A.C.
Eli Lilly Interamericana Inc.

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