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Dear tech hardware companies: Your batteries are pathetic

Not a new gripe, of that I’m fully aware, but while reading through the BlackBerry (BBRY) (BB.to) NR this morning the section where they talk about the new handset’s battery life…

Battery That Powers Through a Full Day – With up to 25 hours of heavy use,* the BlackBerry Leap will power through even your most demanding day. The impressive 2800 mAh battery and optimization of power consumption in BlackBerry 10 gives users more than a full day of productive usage.

…made me focus on it. I mean, if they’re actively proud about 25 hours of battery life it means that’s some sort of industry leading number. Which is probably good for BBRY but it’s only in relative terms because it doesn’t mean the new BBRY phone is great, it just means it’s less shit than the others. 
And of course it isn’t just BBRY and it’s not just phones, either. This new-fangled Apple watch that’s about to bore us all to death has an 18 hour battery life! For crying out loud, I DO NOT WANT A WATCH THAT RUNS OUT IN LESS THAN A DAY’S USE, are we clear about that now Mr. Cook? You can dress these things up any way you like but the real killer ap, the one that will get me to change from my crappy little Nokia, is a decent and full-function smartphone that I can stick in my pocket for three days without even thinking about battery life let alone worrying about it. Rant over.

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