a plague o both your houses

Dear Tommy

Dear Tommy,
I’ve just seen the reply you wrote in your chatroom to the IKN post earlier this week (because somebody just sent me the link). A couple of points to make:

1) If it’s libel, sue me. Wait, let me re-phrase that: If it’s libel, sue me you fucker. It’s really easy to squeal and squeak about “being libelled” before you bother to walk into a courtroom, the problem is that if you step up to the plate and do so you’re going to lose because my post contains two things: 1) Facts about you and NXE 2) my opinion of your person. Neither of those are libel. Therefore I invite you to sue me after calling my blog “libellous” because if you do you’ll lose (and you either know it or you’re ignorant of what libel truly is) and if you don’t you’re just another blowhard. I’d bet large on the latter.
2) The problem with your list of excuses about NXE is that it doesn’t explain why you decided to take a personal level potshot against the CEO of NexGen and his wife. As you have now admitted that you’d already fallen out with the NXE people, that shines a very clear light on you and the way you go about your business. Or were you just drunk when you wrote what you wrote, Tommy?
3) You made factually incorrect statements about me. You’ll find out about that the day you sue me. That’s what happens when you don’t fact-check and just shoot your mouth off.
Yours, “Otto”.

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