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Dear Wexford Capital

Welcome, Twitter! Hope you’re enjoying your May 2022.
Good morning,
understand that the CEO of Mako Mining has decided to publish on social
media the personal exchange he had with me last week. Very classy.
may have been under the false impression that I would not like this, or
be inconvenienced by my use of strong language in the exchange. Perhaps
there was another reason, I do not know, but what I can say is that I
am pleased he has decided to take this course of action. It now allows
me the full opportunity to use the exact same exchange on my blog with
his obvious and tacit permission, which will in turn allow me to go into
greater detail about the truth of what happened last week and the
insolent and outstandingly insulting way in which that person decided to
treat me in order to exonerate himself from any blame. I
would also like to point out that the use of swear words is not an issue
for me and the only reason there are none in this mail is that you as a
company may well run a profanity filter on incoming mail.
Yours, Mark

(also sent to company via mail)

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