Take physic, pomp

Dedicated to….

……the large chunk of US citizens that are stupid enough to believe the very expensive oil company propaganda campaigns, only worry about what Al Gore makes on the side and are actually moronic enough to doubt climate change. AFP sez:

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found 57 percent of Americans see “solid evidence of warming,” compared to 71 percent in April 2008, and 77 percent in August 2007.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo or two from what the sane amongst us call “reality”.

This is the Chacaltaya glacier in Bolivia. Its waters are vital (no other word suffices) for the continued wellbeing of the people living around it. But maybe that should now read “were vital”. Abiding in Bolivia, reference source on the country par excellence, has the details, the links, the works.

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