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Democracy, Uribe style

Ex-Prez Alvaro Uribe of Colombia was always ragging on about how democratic he was throughout his doubletime presidency (no matter about the death squads, his own close family members involved with far-right wing terror brigades, the Macarena secret graveyard, his own connections to the infamous Pablo Escobar et cetera ad infinitum).
And it’s true! He was democratic! We see today just how democratic Uribe really was when in charge. He didn’t make any distinction between his enemies and democratically treated them as equals…by illegally wiretapping them all. Colombia Reports (we love that site) takes up the story:

Documents leaked to Caracol Radio reveal that Colombia’s intelligence agency DAS spied on anyone suspected of opposing former President Alvaro Uribe, including government officials close to the then-president, the radio station claims.
The illegal wiretapping carried out by Colombia’s state intelligence agency extended to CONTINUES HERE

It must be why The USA loves Uribe so. He could brazenly get away with things that Dubya, the CIA and The Hawaiian get wet dreams about doing.

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