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DNI Metals (DNI.cse) wins News Release of the Day award. Hands down.

My thanks to A. Reader on this one, because I would never have spotted the fun without their help. In the DNI Metals (DNI.cse) NR this morning entitled “DNI Metals Update – New Madagascar Team” we first get to hear that the company has fired its country manager in Madagascar and the CEO would be taking over his responsibilities. We are then transfixed 13 paragraphs of spiel and nothingness about semi-related subjects of very little immediate concern until right at the end, we get to the juice:
Environmental Licenses
had been promised the environmental licenses would be completed early
in 2018. DNI had been given receipts and documents to show that the
licenses were progressing and that the fees had been paid. Through an
ongoing investigation, the Office National pour l’Environnement
Madagascar, ONE, has determined and informed DNI that the many of the
receipts and documents were falsified, and that the fee payments had not
been paid. In fact the Cahier d’Charge and the environmental impact
study for Marofody had not been filed with the ONE.
DNI is now aware of what needs to be completed in order to obtain the licenses and is rectifying the situation.
Yeah, you read that right. Possibly connected with the firing of the country manager, yathink? By the way, here’s the share price chart:
Thrilling, no?

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