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Dominic Frisby’s new book; a sampler

Back on September 26th this humble corner of cyberspace pointed your way over to the new book by Dominic Frisby. The response was good (and I’ve ordered my own, no freebies here) but the pre-order system means that Frisby is still about half way through the process, about 400 people away from getting the edition printed and sold. Go here for the book’s promo and order page, by the way. You get to read about what it is and who Frisby is as well.
Which is where you come in, because I don’t want my money back (what happens when an order isn’t fully filled), I want to pay for and read my copy of the book. So what I want you to do is go over to the page, read up on Frisby (a more than interesting person, with a CV that can safely be described as eclectic) and put your order in, too.
To help you make that decision, there’s now a free sample of the book available on this link right here. You go over, click the audio thingy and hear Dominic’s dulcet tones read from the manuscript, an offer you can’t refuse. So go over, listen, agree with me that it’s going to be worth it, and help this one along by pledging for the book too. You know it makes sense.
UPDATE: Apparently the link to the free sampler is down, temporarily at least. If that’s the case for you later, then go straight to the book page here to find out more.

UPDATE 2: Audio book sample link (in which you get to hear Frisby narrate chapter one) is now working again. This is good.

Free sampler here

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