Take physic, pomp

Don’t forget to close off your trade in New Found Gold (NFG.v) today

The dead-eyed sociopath and his friends have lumps of stock out of escrow on Monday.


    Why the hate? Genuine question. New found seems like an outstanding project. I am not a shareholder, just want to learn since I am inexperienced and young. Love the blog, even though I do not agree with your politics.


    Mark the stock is up 36% since your sell recommendation. Nice call. Looks like the “newbie” wasnt the moron.

    Thats better than anything u have reccommended for over year.

    Bipolar newsletter writer confuses animosity with analysis.


      Thanks for the gratuitous and false insult. I am not bipolar. You are an idiot and the type of moron who used to laugh at cripples.

      Now physical handicaps are off the menu, you laugh at the mentally affected. Nice person you are.


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