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Dorato Resources (DRI.v): Bad news for the bullshit pumpers at the can of corn….

…along with the company and Henk’s whores in Frankfurt, too. I had to laugh this morning when I saw Dorato (DRI.v) being pumped in Canaccord’s ‘Morning Coffee’ publication for the second time in the last two weeks. Those guys are utterly shameless.

This report tells the story of how locals in the Cenepa region of North Peru (where DRI.v is pretending to explore, along with fellow bullshitter company NDR.v amongst others) have taken five members of IAMGold staff hostage in the last week, along with three others from a company called Sierra Dorada (that’s trying the same alluvial scam on the Marañon river as CMIN.ob). The eight mining staff members are being held by locals because they don’t want any miners in their hood. Simple as that.

But the real bad news for the Canadian pump machine and the parasites that latch on is that IAMGold is pulling out of the area next year. apparently not for the “warm welcome” they get from locals, either (though it can hardly help). Nah, the reason given by Louis Gariepy, manager of IAMGold Peru, is that (translated)

“we are going to abandon the concession next year when the next license renewal comes around. We now realize that it (exploration in the zone) is very costly. This is the reason why it’s very probable that we will not return.”

So let’s see…….Cenepa is very hostile and anti-mining, is abandoned as not cost effective by a serious mining company…..but pumped by a bunch of bullshitters in cahoots with the sleaziest brokerage in Canada. What say you, owl?

UPDATE: Oh look, somebody with 50,000 shares reads this blog.
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