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Driving in Peru? Don’t use mouthwash

Peru is now about half way through the process needed to pass a “zero tolerance” law for drivers as regards alcohol. The Congressional Transport Commission approved the bill of law yesterday and if things go as expected, it shouldn’t take long before it gets over all hurdles and into law. The law will mean that any amount of alcohol in the bloodstream above 0.00% is a punishable offence with a maximum penalty of five years in prison. So with that in mind, here’s a chunk of wiki to chew upon:
“…illustrated in a study conducted with Listerine mouthwash on a breath
machine and reported in an article entitled “Field Sobriety Testing: Intoxilyzers and Listerine Antiseptic” published in the July 1985 issue of
The Police Chief
(p. 70). Seven individuals were tested at a police station, with
readings of 0.00%. Each then rinsed his mouth with 20 milliliters of
Listerine mouthwash for 30 seconds in accordance with directions on the
label. All seven were then tested on the machine at intervals of one,
three, five and ten minutes. The results indicated an average reading of
0.43 blood-alcohol concentration, indicating a level that, if accurate,
approaches lethal proportions. After three minutes, the average level
was still 0.020, despite the absence of any alcohol in the system. Even
after five minutes, the average level was 0.011.”
Similar observations have been made over time about breath freshener sprays and even eardrops.

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