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Dundee throws in the towel on Gammon Gold (GRS) (GAM.to)

Here’s the link to a report out of Dundee Securities yesterday with Gammon Gold (GAM.to) (GRS) (and a.k.a gammy gold) as its subject matter. Penned by Ron Stewart and Robert Thaemlitz, the note carries the thwumping sound of Dundee finally throwing in the towel on this overhyped dog of a stock that has bullshitted the market far too long about the “reserves” it pretended to have at Ocampo. Ron&Robert have done a good job here and a service to their clients. We applaud.

So go have a read yourself, and by the way The IKN Weekly subscribers can compare what’s being said here to what they read on April 18th in IKN50. Always kinda interesting to get a second opinion, no?

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