Take physic, pomp

Duran Duran

Far too large to be called Franklin

Hey, remember the Venezuela/Argentina suitcase scandal? Well the guy who pleaded not guilty, insisted on his day in court and allowed us to watch all the fun (the fat guy Antonini Wilson, the customs-officer-turned-nekkid-centrefold Telpuk and all the other 15 minutes of fame crew) got sentenced today.

Franklin Duran was facing up to 15 years on the rap but the judge gave him four years instead. So with his stay in jail counting as from his arrest (December 2007) and time off for good behaviour and Otto’s finger in the air guesstimate, he should be out by…hmmmm…. next week, perhaps? Early June?

From there he’ll be deported back to Land-Of-Chávez, say “hey! why did you confiscate my gas stations you swines?” and finish with a cushy job in the public sector somewhere.


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