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Dynasty Metals (DMM.to): Be long now

Today in Ecuador, the congresillo continued to take arguments from both sides about the new mining law. Indigenous movement CONAIE spoke today and asked for the law to be suspended. The arguments used by CONAIE were varied, but included the need for a full dialogue with the people to be affected by any mining development as its mainstay line. In the rebuttal period of the debate, the government argued that before the law was presented there were full consultations with all groups to be affected by mining activities.

Two conclusions drawn from today’s Congresillo session:

1) The government made much the better argument to the members of Congresillo.

2) The simple fact that the debate continues and the congresillo is spending sequential days on the issue shows the mining law is now close to being approved.

This means that here I am, once again, banging on the table, doing my best Jim Cramer impersonation and telling you that YOU HAVE TO BE LONG DYNASTY METALS (DMM.to). And this isn’t because I’m long, either. As a matter of fact I still have no position in the stock as yet. I’ve been looking to get long the last two days, but with such sketchy volume I haven’t hit a fill.

If you prefer, use Corriente (CTQ.to) (ETQ) as your vehicle to play the imminent approval of Ecuador’s mining law, but the value investor that dwells inside me cannot ignore DMM.to at these prices. This is one of those trades that don’t come along very often, and when they do you want to be there. It’s the right stock at the right time. I’ll leave it up to you to play either for the short term pop or get in for the longer haul. All I know is that DMM.to right here right now is the most wonderful buy and I’m staking my reputation as a fundamental analyst and a close watcher of LatAm politics on that statement.

I’m very much in favour of social equity, as plenty of the posts on this blog witness. However I’m also an equities analyst by trade and my capitalist roots are strong. It’s time to make a profit. Which brings me to the pitch, as I’m still trying to raise money for the Barbie doll’s house my daughter wants for Christmas. Today I sold six copies of my NOBS report on Dynasty, which is a good start but I need to sell a few more. I’d also like this blog to pay for itself a little.

If you want to support IKN and do yourself a big favour at the same time, here’s your big chance. To find out the details of DMM.to and why the fundamentals are so great will cost you the princely sum of U$10 (not even the commission you pay on a trade). The report crunches the numbers and shows you what DMM.to is capable of, even under a heavy tax burden and even with gold at $800/oz (or less). If you’d like a copy, my PayPal account is under…..

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
…… or if you like you can drop me a mail at the same address. Or both. As soon as you deposit U$10 in my account and I have your mail address, the report is yours. However that’s the end of my hard sell pitch because I’m telling you now, the reco in the report is the same as the reco in this free-to-read blog. I can’t be any clearer or fairer than this. Do with this information what you will, but remember where you heard it. As regular readers know, I don’t normally pound on about individual stocks being great opportunities, but this is “shoot fish in a dry barrel” time.
Buy DMM.to. Nuff said.

December 1st, when 6,000 people marched to the doors of the Ecuador Presidential Palace
in support of mining. Scenes unlikely to be highlighted by the treehugger NGOs

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