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Dynasty Metals & Mining (DMM.to) and high compliments: “I never much liked Otto … but he has been right all along”

But before we get to the sweet talk, let’s see how Dynasty Metals & Mining (DMM.to) has been getting on since the IKN post on Monday evening and your humble scribe’s call to get out before it’s too late on DMM:
Yup, that well. Another public service broadcast by IKN.
 And now back to the quote in the title, which was written by a poster on this board who is long DMM (thank you A. Reader for the heads-up) and goes on to say this in the next breath…
I just think there is too much of an asset base
in DMM that Rob Washer can work with to pull the company away from the
brink of bankruptcy
…just to prove how mind-numbingly stupid they are. It all gave me the big laughing merry happy ho-ho feeling on reading it this morning, thank you kindly A. Reader. It’s the very essence of stupidity in fact, if we consider that in just a few scribbled words:
1) The authors shows that a like/dislike for the messenger is more important than the message. Ad hom rules.
2) They admit fault in their position and note the counterparty to their call “has been right all along” but immediately return to the “yeah but this time is different” land of hope and desires for the near term future. A phenomenon also known in the brokerage circles as “Retail, the crop that never fails”.
3) They show zero understanding of balance sheets. It’s not up to DMM to pull the company away, all it will take is one of the creditors to call in the monies owed and DMM goes CH11 on you. Immediately. No ifs no buts no “well let’s just talk about this first eh…”, assuming a serial bullshitter like Robert Washer is going to save you is the hallmark of somebody who should not be investing in mining companies of any sort, shape or form, let alone this walking disaster.
All that in just a line and a half, that’s what I call triple-concentrated dumbassery. Still I do rescue the fact that being called unlikable by a complete dumbass is high praise. Ta muchly, Tad.

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