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Ecuador presidential election: A potential upset in the cards UPDATED

The Ecuador CNE electoral body has just announced its Fast Count result and while Andrés Arauz has been forecast as easy round one winner with 31.5% of the vote, the second place is very tight and at the moment slightly favours Yaku Pérez for second place above the fading candidacy of Guillermo Lasso. What we know today is:

  • There will be a second round run off
  • Andrés Arauz (31.5%) is in it and will be favourite to win the run-off
  • He will be joined by either Yaku Pérez (20.0%) or Guillermo Lasso (19.9%), who are nearly tied for the key second place and the run-off. As this is the fast count, that’s too close to call and we may have to wait days for a final result.

UPDATE: With 90.5% of the Fast Count done, here are the numbers:

  • Andrés Arauz 31.50%
  • Yaku Pérez 20.04%
  • Guillermo Lasso 19.97%
  • Xavier Hervas 16.2%

That is too close to call, this will go to a hand count.

UPDATE 2: This is a Tweet to remember:

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    Sooo…does this mean that Pérez will be seen as too far left for many of Lasso’s supporters and therefore once the Lasso vote is split Arauz will come out ahead on the inside lane?


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