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Ecuador to bury the hatchet with Colombia

Diplo circles are doing their work in South America right now, with the consensus being that as long as he’s invited over to the show, President Studly Muffin of Ecuador will attend the investiture of Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and who cares if the dude has an arrest warrant in his name in Quito anyway? Here’s the moneyline from this article (translated):

“The Ecuador Minister of Internal and External Security, Miguel Carvajal, said that if President Rafael Correa is invited to the handover (of power in Colombia) in a formal manner he would not pass up the invitation.”

So the dainty diplo-twostep is “yeah I’ll come if you ask nicely” and it’s now up to Colombia to invite. Bet yer ass the invite is in the post in the next few days, RSVP.

Pipes of peace served. The end.

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