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Ecuador: Today’s signing of the new mining law

Inquiring minds have been asking me about the signing of the new mining law in Ecuador that is supposed to happen today. Allow me to explain.

  • It’s confirmed that President Studmuffin will sign the law into effect today.
  • It is happening at 3pm Ecuador time today.
  • Not only that, Correa has chosen to do the signing ceremony in the town of Zaruma, Portovelo. This happens to be the exact same place that Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) operates.

So if you think that the 10% move in DMM these last two days has been kinda neat…..

…. just wait for the upside when the can of corn and cormark get their hype machines into action as from mañana. Above info taken from decent sources.

mojitos served. the end

PS: Dear agoracom EC.v dumbasses, please feel free to do what you always do and steal the post or the info and pretend you’re the source of all wisdom on Ecuador without providing a link to source. And oh look! DMM is up 23c since this got posted…there’s a thing. Ever thought about offering Spanish lessons to analysts at RBC, boys?

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