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Eike Batista and Chile are made for each other

I don’t know how much attention this story has received over the last couple of days in the English language blabbersphere, but it’s fun enough to get an airing on IKN anyhow. The back story is that Eike Batista is miffed at Chile for putting permitting blockages in front of his plans to build the Castilla power generation plant in Northern Chile. For some boring details about how it might fuck up the environment and piss off the people living there, the Chilean courts have denied Eike’s MPX company the papers to move ahead. So according to reports, when the Chilean Supreme Court this week upheld the ruling by five votes to zero, no less, Eike took to his Twitter account and wrote (translated)…

“…that investing in Chile “is becoming impossible”. In another message and in reply to another user, Batista wrote, “If they don’t want us there, we’ll go! Bye Bye”. Both messages were erased yesterday afternoon from the businessman’s official account…”

So what’s really been fun today is watching the Chileans get all huffy and puffy about this upstart Brazilian dude who thinks he can tell them what to do, as the Chilean reaction has ranged from the quiet slights of the President of Codelco and his “the foreign investment figures [for Chile] give lie somewhat to Eike’s statements” to others noting with glee how badly things are going for Eike this year and how he’s lost 41% of his net wealth since March 2012. I mean, he’s now down to a pittance of just $20.6Bn…however is he going to pay for that next hair appointment? Basically, Chile and Eike should kiss and make up as soon as possible, because under it all they’re made for each other. A country full of arrogant gits who want to be the richest on the block and an arrogant git who’s the richest on the block. 

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