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Election results

In Uruguay, as expected José Mujica won the run-off and will be Uruguay’s next President. From the same party as the very popular President Tabaré Vasquez, Mujica made a good, conciliatory acceptance speech last night which included:

“Remember on this night of celebration fellow citizens that are sad and who are our blood brothers. There are no winners or losers. We have just elected a government that is not the owner of the truth and who needs everybody.”

That works for me. I still have my reservations about the guy because his abrasive, straight-shooting style is bound to ruffle feathers on the international scene sooner or later (I’ve heard him in Spanish, you’ll soon get the English translations coming your way) but as long as he keeps his electoral promise and is the continuation of Tabaré’s governmental line, Uruguay should be ok.

So in Uruguay the President Elect says there were no winners or losers. Meanwhile in Honduras everyone lost.

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