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Element 29 (ECU.v): An interesting webinar up tomorrow Thursday

With the day mentioned in the title because I’m writing this Wednesday lunchtime and some of you will read it tomorrow morning in the daily mailer. Anyway, tomorrow Thursday Feb 3rd at 12 midday ET sees an exception to the new rule and a decent junior is on show, instead of just another mutton-as-lamb exploreco desperately trying to drum up interest in their cruddy project run by mediocrity look to raise money from suckers. This time, Element 29 (ECU.v) presents its case for its Flor de Cobre project in Peru (and maybe Elida as well). Here’s the webinar blurb:

At its highly prospective and advanced Flor de Cobre copper project, Element 29 is about to embark on a 3,700 metre diamond drill program to validate the large historical, high-grade copper resource and test the potential of copper sulphide mineralization at depth.

Join us as Richard Osmond, Chairman & Interim CEO, and Paul Johnston, Vice President of Exploration, take us through the details of the exploration program at Flor de Cobre.

Do what you want with this heads-up, but for my taste ECU.v is one of the more prospective and interesting early-stage copper exploreco stories in LatAm today. You get a decent team of geologists with skin in their own game, two projects generated from scratch via solid grassroots geological work, a corporate structure funded for meaningful exploration in 2022, plus a board not scared of testing their theories with the truth machine. Nothing is guaranteed in the high risk world of drillplay speculation, the trick is to play the percentages, avoid fake juniors that only exist to mine paper and find those with real chances of becoming something. ECU ticks the boxes and while I don’t own any shares at the moment, it’s one to watch closely. But don’t take my word for it, sign up for the webinar for yourself, it’s on this link.

Full disclosure: No position in ECU, no affiliation with the company, none with the webinar people either. This is a personal opinion to mark your cards on a reasonable company and a possible trade, there’s no angle or trick. Must sound suspicious and weird to read that in 2022.

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