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Element 29 (ECU.v) kicks its shareholders in the teeth

The conceit and arrogance is astounding:

Brian Booth, President and CEO, has decided to retire from the Company. A search for a new CEO has commenced, with Brian continuing in his role until a successor is found.

Mr. Richard Osmond, Chairman, comments, “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Brian for his service in launching the Company through its listing on the various stock exchanges and initiating the 2021 drilling campaign.”

Brian Booth commented, “It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement to spend more time with my family as Element 29 starts to flourish. We’ve built up a diverse and strong leadership team that I know will continue to push the Company forward with continued success.”

So, apparently on a whim and a prayer the President, CEO and director of the company as well as the founder and the main reason to trust its presence in Peru….has retired. After less than one year, in an IPO start-up junior that hasn’t put a single metre into its projects yet. Well, good for you Brian, as long as you realize how selfish this makes you look. And your company, so thanks for cancelling the 925k options (you have to by law) but tell us more about the fully paid-up shares you intend to firehose onto the market.

Another reason to love Canadian exploreco stocks is their management teams and the way they constantly search for new ways to screw you over, bless em. Disclosure: No position in ECU.v, though I have owned before and was thinking of buying back in. No way that happens now, the days of exposing my cash to proven irresponsible juniors who treat their shareholders like dirt are long, long gone. You blithering idiots need to learn simple human respect.


    If you didn’t have the guts, why did you sign on, Brian?

    No, wait, we know the answer to that one. Now, excuse me while I go vomit.


    You want to bet on the options being cancelled?


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