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Element 29 Resources (ECU.v) bucking the Peru trend

Totally deserved, too:

I don’t currently own, but bought some when it started out and sold them quickly on the change in Peru risk. Since then I’ve watched only, it’s been down then back up. Today and for me, it’s the only Peru exploreco that makes any appeal at the current price deck, even after the pop on permitting news. We can start with the basics, for example this company is not C3 Metals (CCCM.v) and wasn’t conceived by dirtbags as a way of ripping off idiots and turning director paper into dollars as quickly as possible. Not all explorecos are alike and ECU.v is run the right way.

A couple of extra thoughts, semi-related: It will still be tough for explorecos under a Pedro Castillo government (sorry but he wins this, get used to the idea now) but it won’t be impossible to operate, either. Once the shock of change is over, track records and histories of the small mining company as a good corporate or social citizen will matter most. Payback time for bad actors? Well yeah maybe, but this is less about upcoming acts of vengeance and more when national policies affect local stakeholders, companies with strong track records will be defended by locals, rather than attacked. Another reason why ECU.v is a better bet than most, these guys really know their Peru.

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