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Eleven Presidents…no, make that twelve…hold on, let’s call it thirteen






Bush Sr.


Bush Jr.

Obama (elect)
There’s little doubt that Cuba’s Fidel Castro is about to add another to his personal list of “US Presidents I’ve Seen In Power”, even though Fidel isn’t Cuba’s top man himself any more. But according to this report (and amazingly there’s only one English version of the report published by the Indo Asia News Service…no Reuters, no DJNW, no Bloomberg, no AP, no AFP….strange that, innit?) Fidel is in good health and is fit enough to return to power if he wanted.

So the question is, “Will he see his 11th POTUS come and go and the arrival of number 12?” I think it’s very likely. Here’s how the report starts:

Buenos Aires, Nov 17 (IANS) Former Cuban president Fidel Castro ‘is in very good health’ and ‘could return to power’ if he desired, a Spanish doctor who treated the leftist leader when he seriously fell ill in 2006 has said.

‘Today, Fidel is doing very well, he leads a normal life and could return to power if he wanted to. He has no physical or medical impediments,’ Spanish physician Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido said in an interview published Sunday in the Argentine yada yada continues here.

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