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Endeavour Silver (EDR.to) (EXK) 3q12 production

Here’s how silver stacks up:
Here’s gold:
Basically 1) El Cubo puts in disappointing numbers, but EDR explains that by saying it only had true ownership of its new gig for two months of 3q12 rather than three 2) gold production was good and accounts for maybe 1/3 of sales for the quarter (roughly speaking, we’ll know the financials November) 3) silver production didn’t impress. 
Bottom line: Acceptable quarter, but nothing to write home about. A lot of today’s share price needs to be justified by the El Cubo purchase and as that’s still in turnaround mode, the jury’s still out. Meanwhile, if you want a spin-laden version read the company NR on this link and get down to the gushy lovey percentage changes since 3q11, which mean nothing.

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