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Eric Coffin, your petticoat is showing

Mirth and merriment on show over at CEOca at the moment, where on the Prize Mining (PRZ) board you have such leading lights as Eric Coffin and Tommy Humphreys back-pedalling hard in order to try and distance themselves from the unfolding scandals. Got to adore Lord Haw-Haw and his “oh it was just one erroneous phone call” excuse to explain why he bought into the Kootenay Zinc ZNK.cse P+D, but even better is watching Eric Coffin squirm and carefully choose his own anti-strawman subjects before answering them himself. Yup, he’s careful to broach only the issues he can deny easily.
So why not tell them about your cozy relationship with Scott Gibson and Gibson Capital, Eric? Or why you always seem to get interviewed by Gwen Preston on the Gibson-owned media channels? Or how certain companies always seem to get mentioned during those pally pal Q&As. C’mon Eric, stop being so coy, give your flock full transparency about your backroom double dealing for the first time in your life, not just the clean corners of your biz.

PS: And by the way, Coffin really likes to make out he’s an expert judge of my character and will state with certainty this-or-that thing about my viewpoints, life choices, opinion of other human beings etc etc. So when he starts on the ad-hom attacks again, just remember one fact; he’s never met me. Not once. Never even spoken on the phone with me, in fact. His expertise as character judge is just another layer of fakery based on his own error-strewn imaginations and third-hand snippets.

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