Every why hath a wherefore

Eric Sprott must be tight for cash, he’s pumping his own print

Jeesh what a liar! Eric Sprott playing it all cute on his podcast today and pretending he’s not trying to sell his shares of Jaguar Mining (JAG) to the Chinese. Though come to think of it, it is interesting how Sino cash hasn’t bitten up to now despite negotiations now having moved from weeks to months. The world and his wife knew JAG was being marketed to the highest bidder earlier this year, so why the sudden change of tack? Is JAG too ratty even for the Chinese? Or maybe it was the way Eric Sprott propagated incendiary lies about Covid-19 and China that put the buyers off (now that would be poetic justice). Eric has never had the guts to apologize for his dangerous lies either, way too full of himself to care about others.
Disclosure: No position and not going back, but a few weeks ago I did buy some and then sell them too early for a trade profit.

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