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Errr no, the lust for gold is not eating up the world’s last rainforests

Some data:

Or in real world terms, the process continues at the same pace for the next 396 years and man would have done away with one percent of the rainforest. We clear?

And you’ll note that the University of Puerto Rico paper covers South of Mexico, i.e. it includes the Central American rainforest area as well. I’m just counting the main Amazon rainforest area, so let’s round it all out at…hmmm…let’s say 500 years.
From that Mining Dot Com, mining’s equivalent of the New York Post, gives you its lead story headline today, “Lust for gold eating up the world’s last rainforests: study”. Total bullshit. And what’s more, as pointed out previously on these pages the logicstics of alluvial mining mean that they’re never going to get the chance to screw up much of the forest (unlike the real guilty parties, the loggers) because there’s a quickly achieved limit to how far you can stray away from water supply in order to mine gold in the area. 
Just goes to show how facts can get in the way of a good narrative. And how desperate for clicks places like Mining Dot Com have become. Which is why I’m not linking to their ridiculous clickbait story. 

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