Take physic, pomp

Evo 1, Alan 0

Still laughing, lardass?

Something’s gonna give under this pressure
and the cracks are already beginning to show
Bitter Suite, Marillion, 1985

The recent round of very strange
things coming from the mouth of President Twobreakfasts makes me wonder whether the dude has been on a medication vacation, but he’s now reaping that which he sowed. As well as telling rich bankerfest that he had the power veto the next president if he so chose (and that he’d already proven his powers), and being rounded on by every single politico and media channel in Peru (including the normally Prozacked El Comercio, it was that widespread) he also mused yesterday that, as part of the ongoing (and rather boring…that’s why I’ve not mentioned it here) spat about the maritime border with Chile that Bolivia “had long ago given up its claim of a coastal passage” (or words to that effect).

This, of course, is complete balderdash. Anyone down these parts not on medication this last three years (geddit?!?!) will know that Chile and Bolivia have held several non-state level talks on the subject and that certain progess has been made. So with Twobreakfasts leaving his door wide open for ridicule (once again) Dr. Evo Morales took full advantage. This is a quote to remember, as put through the Ottotrans™. Evo dixit:

“With much respect to the Peruvian people, I want to say that maybe President Alan García is being affected by his obesity and is not well-informed. Bolivia will never renounce its return to sea sovereignty.

Nuff said.

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