Take physic, pomp

Evo relieved to find out that he is indigenous after all

Time to play: Spot the brown person!
FWIW, Juanes is pretty famous down this neck of the woods

As Borev noted just the other day, when it comes to Bolivia US arrogance knows no bounds. Not content with talking crap about the country (things like the 2008 coup attempt was “trouble caused by both sides” and similar baloney), the State Dep’t 2008 Human Rights report has Doctor Morales as someone who “considers himself indigenous”.

Fortunately, there are those more qualified to judge these things and subsequently boot this latent racist bullshit back to where it belongs. Today the organizers of the 4th Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples invited his Evoness along as guest of honour and illustrious representative of the Aymara people. The summit brings together peoples from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia amongst other places and is being held this year in the city of Puno, Peru (that’ll piss Twobreakfasts off for sure…all those brown people talking with each other and hatching plans…can’t have that, you know. Deny visas!) at the end of this month, merry March.

So in the end Evo is indigenous according to the indigenous of South America. That settles that, really. It just leaves IKN to announce that The US State Department wins our weekly award. Way to go, guys:

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